XI Technologies believes that when data is made accessible, innovation occurs.  TourXchange was created to transform drilling research for our industry by improving access to data and leveraging it for more advanced and efficient analysis.

The TourXchange capitalizes on publicly available drilling information, but in digital form. XI’s vast database of drilling information allows for limitless research capability for its members. It is a collaborative effort between XI and its operators to compile and share their drilling data in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  The TourXchange program has helped compile a rich database that contains over 150,000 wells with digital, searchable, drilling tour records.  Several of XI’s revolutionary drilling research tools are fueled by the invaluable database built from the TourXchange.

  • Membership of over 70 operators
  • 24/30 of the biggest operators (based on BOE production)

A Data Share Among Operators: The Source Data of Publicly available Tour Sheets

XI is pioneering solutions that change how drilling research is done, and well are planned using the Drilling Database. Know your area before you drill, research pacesetters, understand historical problems and analyze your competitor’s drilling practices.

  • Over 150,000 wells
  • Contains tour data for Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

To our members, TourXchange means:

  • Making fact-based, data driven decisions
  • Understanding competitor performance and technologies
  • Less resources spent acquiring, sorting and interpreting information
  • Stronger knowledge of drilling practices in their core areas
  • Better awareness of drilling hazards prior to drilling
  • Enhanced research to improve drilling performance and increase efficiency
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Exchange uncertainty for answers. Exchange risk for reward.

The most successful, efficient well planning begins with the TourXchange.
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