Our TourXchange Member Event on Thursday, Februray 9th was a great success!   The turnout was awesome, with representatives from over 20 different operators!

Collaboration is a driving theme behind TourXchange, so it was really encouraging to see so much conversation and sharing of ideas.

The theme of the presentations & discussion was Leveraging Data to Improve Drilling Practices.  The 3 speakers gave insightful perspective as to how their access to TourXchange data has helped their efficiency, accuracy, and overall drilling performance.

Thank you again to our three preseters for taking the time to prepare/deliver their presentations.

  • Jeff Hillier @ CNRL
  • Fred Schwering @ Athabasca
  • Tom Mills/Chris Gallant @ Enerplus

We strive to strengthen this community of data-driven drilling professionals and encourage more cooperation among TourXchange members.

If you have any ideas for future events or discussion themes, please click here.

Thank you again to everyone who attended.  We look forward to see you at our next event!