As we continue to watch trends of increased investment and activity, our industry is enjoying a sense of normalcy and optimism.

It’s the phase we know to expect as we cycle through the ups & downs of our industry.
We’re all seeing the articles throughout industry news: 
“Industry faces resource strain with increased activity”
“Companies deal with ‘brain drain’ following downturn.”
Budgets are still limited, and departments are hesitant to staff-up.
As activity increases, companies are asking the question: “How can we remain ‘lean’ while operations ramp up and workloads increase?”
Sure…there’s optimism, but it’s cautious optimism and the reluctance to hire talent still remains.
This reality is all too familiar for XI’s clients in the realm of Drilling Research and Regulatory Compliance.
“I used to have an H2S expert who did our regulatory stuff…”
“A drilling cost assessment needs to be done…but who’s available to do it?”
“We can’t plan our drill program until we’re done our offset research. Who has the time for that?”
We can help bridge this resource gap for clients, XI can now be that solution!
We’re partnering with industry experts to align XI’s research tools with the experienced analysis required to get the job done.
If you have a limited budget to get an urgent research task taken care of, give us a call. Chances are, we can help you out!

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