An Introduction to TourXchange

The TourXchange is a collaborative effort and agreement between member operators and XI Technologies, to advance the ways drilling research is done in our industry. With membership agreements with each operator, XI can compile and make available, a vast database of drilling tour information within the WCSB.

It is an exclusive membership program consisting of participating operators sharing a common interest in advancing the way drill research is done. Our TourXchange members believe in the opportunities available in leveraging data to influence drilling performance and make better, more informed decisions.

From the TourXchange, comes the Drilling Database

With the data provided by our members, XI uses our Drilling Database to make information more readily available, and allows for new levels of interpretation and understanding in the industry.

The resulting database involves several additional data sources, as well as sophisticated processes built to interpret and refine the information.  With such a rich database (nearly 200,000 wells strong) – its fueling the development of revolutionary drilling research software at XI.

An exclusive membership of participating operators, sharing their source data of publicly available drilling records.

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Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with XI to help leverage the Drilling Database and create new solutions for our members.
Innovate With Us