Frequently Asked Questions about the TourXchange

The TourXchange has over 70 operators that are enjoying the benefits of the program.
  • There is no cost to join, or fees to become a member.
  • Members contribute by allowing XI access to the digital tours of past wells drilled.
No. It is the same information found in the publicly available tour sheets provided by the government.
  • As long as your pacesetter wells are available from the government, your competitors have access to that information.
  • You gain competitive edge through enhanced data access, allowing detailed NPT analysis, identify new optimization opportunities, etc.
  • No confidential wells are included; if it is considered confidential by the government, it is not included in the TourXchange.
  • Enhance your drill program with better access to information
  • Tools for your team that reduce research costs & improve workflows
  • Optimize drilling performance through better access to information
  • Collaborate with other industry leading departments
  • Free access to drill research tools, and limited data. *NEW
  • Exclusive rights to benefit from the enhanced detailed drill records for over 150,000 wells in the WCSB
  • Professional services available for next-level research and analysis.  *NEW for a limited time
Contact XI! We will walk you through the process to join. Its simple.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TourXchange Database

Currently 150,000 and growing
XI updates our data weekly.
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
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