TourXchange Data: The Drilling Database

XI’s Drilling Database contains digital drilling data for nearly 200,000 wells. The Drilling Database is the industry leading source of digital tour data for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. When you need the most robust source of drilling data at your fingertips, it begins here.

  • Exclusive Membership. Only TourXchange member operators and service companies working for TourXchange member operators, have right the access the Tour Database.
  • Nearly 200,000 wells.
  • Faster, easier access to information – Optimize your time and resources while gaining a clear understanding of risk.
  • Broaden the scope of analysis – In depth, detailed data provides informed decision making


Top 35 Fields our Drilling Database Covers in the WCSB

How can the Drilling Database help me do better drill research?

  • Eliminate manual data collection

  • Generate graphs & reports easily
  • Provide summary information
  • Highlight key events & issues on a given well
  • Isolate specific wells based on detailed drilling attributes