The TourXchange to Operators

To operators, the TourXchange represents the values of collaboration, proper research, and data driven decision making.

It’s about leveraging data for:

  • Greater depth of intelligent research
  • Fact-based decision making, backed by evidence
  • Quick answers delivered with more confidence

With XI’s Drilling Database, Members can

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Explore new areas or well designs with little investment/time
  • Uncover opportunities to improve drill performance
  • Increase awareness of potential problems & NPT pitfalls
  • Improve access to the critical drilling data they currently rely on
  • Establish competitive advantage, through better collaboration

Our current TourXchange members are:

  • Oil & Gas operators
  • Have current / prospective drilling programs
  • Recognize the value of data and enhanced research
  • Persue drilling performance improvement through knowledge and past experience

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