Who is Involved in TourXchange

XI Technologies TourXchange currently has over 70 active operators providing their Tours to our Tour Database.  Please contact us  if  you have questions regarding current membership, or would like more information on becoming a member.

Currently our TourXchange members have provided us data through Pason, NOV, Canrig and Stream. XI has been working with Pason for over 6 years to provide our members the best quality digital tour data available.

XI has started working with other service companies to provide our TourXchange members with the best possible solutions. If you are interested in discussing these solutions with XI we would love to hear from you.

XI Technologies
  • Pioneer of TourXchange
  • Respected information provider for Oil & Gas industry in WCSB
  • Relied upon for critical research tasks related to well programming, licensing, and project planning
  • Curator of TourXchange Database
  • Deliver information to members
  • Data expertise
  • Software expertise
  • Operators signed to the TourXchange agreement and actively contributing to the TourXchange Database
  • Data inventory
  • Innovation
  • Industry collaboration
  • In-depth knowledge
  • New Perspectives
  • Manager/steward of member’s current/historical tour sheet data
  • Pason, NOV, Canrig, Stream
  • Provide access to member data
Partner Analyst
  • Service providers, engineering consultants, industry professionals
  • Proven experts in their respective fields and subject matter
  • Particular expertise in drilling, data, analysis
  • Collaborate with XI to serve mutual clients
  • Use TourXchange database & XI tools to provide enhanced research services and expert consulting
Service Companies
  • Authorized access to TourXchange database in service of member Operator for research, analysis and consultation
  • Research and analysis, performed on behalf of member operators
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